Mom the Marathoner!

October 9, 2011

This morning we got up early and left for Joplin, MO to go with Mom to her marathon. She is an amazing lady. I admire her so much for many things, among which is her running. She’s been training up for a marathon race (26.2 miles). It definitely takes a lot of guts to run that far! Mom’s race started in Oklahoma, ran through the state of Kansas, and ended in Joplin, Missouri. It’s pretty neat to say that you ran though three states in one morning! :) I’ve never been to the state of Oklahoma, but it was pretty fun. The start was in an obscure little town out in the country. There were less than a hundred participants in the marathon, and as a result, the start was very low-key. Usually at the start of a race, people are frantically running about, there’s chaos everywhere, and it’s hard to even find the start line. (We’re kind of race start-line connoisseurs because Mom has done a marathon, some half-marathons and triathlons.) But this was the best start-line I’ve ever been to!

All of us kids with Mom before the race.

No one seemed in a hurry at the start. It was a relaxing atmosphere! :)

Mom at the start!

These girls are having way too much fun! I got such a kick out of their tu-tus. We saw two of them the whole way, as they weren’t far behind Mom.  Mom said SHE wants to be a part of the tu-tu club next time :-)  They were so cute!

And they’re off!

It was hot and the sun beat down. We felt bad cruising around eating snacks in our air-conditioned car while Mom and all the other runners were out in the heat! Nevertheless, to my great admiration, Mom looked strong!

Crossing the finish line! It is indeed a victory!

A bouquet of flowers for Mom at the end.

Post-race (and post shower!) hug. Daddy’s shirt reads “my wife rocks!”. All us kids agree! :)

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    October 10, 2011

    What a wonderful post, Brooke! I love it! And how exciting that your Mom ran a whole 26.2 miles, truly amazing! Congratulations, Mrs. Noble!!!!!!!

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