Family Weekend and School Update

September 30, 2014

You know those lovely times when you’re able to get away (be it for only a day or two), relax, re-charge, laugh, and enjoy the company of those you love most?

Last weekend was such a time. We all benefited from my mom’s planning and enjoyed our stay in a Branson condo for the weekend. Everybody took off work and we left as soon as I finished school on Friday. We got to see Sight & Sound Theater’s production of ‘Jonah,’ which was incredible. The rest of the time was pretty laid back: we enjoyed hanging out, watching movies, eating snacks, walking, swimming, and a bit of shopping/sightseeing.

We didn’t get many pictures, but here are a few that Mom snapped before leaving. We walked along a trail at Table Rock Lake and enjoyed relaxing in the sunshine, shell-hunting, and rock skipping.








I shall end this post with a quick nursing school update: we are almost finished with the first half of the semester, after which I’ll begin clinicals. I’m not sure if I should be outragiously excited or nervous. Probably a bit of both. Nursing school is unlike anything I’ve every done before, but it is a great challenge. I have some wonderful classmates and probably my favorite thing we’ve studied so far is disease control and transmission. The hardest things have been the sheer quantity of tests we take and the “hands on” learning. It’s very cool stuff, but all so new to me that I am still a bit awkward and fumbling. I long for the day when I’ll be able to take a blood pressure with practiced grace and ease! ;) Anyway, I am thankful to be where I am right now and look to the Lord’s hand to guide me. Life is beautiful. Every part of it, even those parts which we can’t make sense of or understand right now. Until later, my friends!

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