Ah, writing!

December 17, 2016

Ah, writing….what a gift it is! It takes you to greater depths of meaningfulness in life. We are forced to think below the surface when taking time to synthesize words into ideas. We must slow down, create, explore, and analyze as it sharpens our senses and gives us a greater understanding of ourselves. 

With writing comes great freedom, responsibility, and imagination. I don’t write enough. But when I do sit down to write, letting the words pour from my heart and fingers, I feel as if a wall were broken down and the jumbledness of my subconsciousness and thoughts is brought to light and understood in a brand new way.

Do write. It’s balm to the soul, even if you’re not a self-proclaimed “writer.” Goodness, I’m not a writer in any grand sense of the word, but let me encourage you to use words to express your thoughts. What do you delight in? Write it down. What baffles you? Write it down. What heightens your senses and makes you keenly aware of the world around you? Write it down…for yourself and for others. You have no idea how by merely sharing what’s on your mind could affect another person for good. Don’t write merely for recognition or acknowledgment from others, but know that it is never a waste of time.

For you, my friend, are a masterpiece of one. You were made uniquely by our Creator with a fresh perspective – a brand new angle that is distinct from all those around you. Only you can view the world exactly as you can….to see, hear, taste, smell, and feel your surroundings as you do. We each have a perception of one. Only you can take those perceptions and use them to capture words into sentences as you choose, creating a work of art – yours alone to share – with those around you.

So there you are! Blank pages are waiting. The canvas is yours to paint! The document is yours to type up! Today is the day. Start with a few sentences of your perception from your day, be it the smallest of details to the overshadowing theme, and let that be your guide.

As I reflect on my life and set new goals for 2017, writing more often is one of them. Let’s embrace the adventure! Will you join me? :)

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