My Bucket List

A list of things I want to do someday…

May 21, 2017

Backpack to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and camp there overnight 

Learn how to kite surf

Bike the Dairyland Dare 

Have a high tea in London

Epic kayak + camping trip (like, out in the boonies y’all) 

Learn how to play the guitar

Join a choir

Learn how to swing dance

Go on a snowmobile trip

Catch a baby 

Attend an AWHONN conference

Go to a naturopathic conference

Go on a road trip from the east coast or west coast (or vice-versa) 

Run a Tough Mudder

Nail the technique for parallel parking

Sip tea at the White Sands Hotel in Prince Edward Island

Run on a horizontal airport escalator

Be totally and completely immersed in Hispanic culture for a short amount of time, forcing me to speak only Spanish


Sew a log cabin quilt

Climb a 5.12 grade wall (rock climbers, you’ll know what I’m talking about)

Sleep outside under a canopy of stars

Make my own kefir, kombucha, and red-raspberry leaf tea 

Plant a garden

Convince my older brother to like coffee

Win a watermelon-seed-spitting contest

Jump in a body of icy waters in the middle of a Minnesota winter

Play tag on top a bunch of hay bales without breaking my neck  

Eat a worm

Experience the Northern Lights

See Carrie Underwood live in concert

Learn the art of hammocking

…..more to come with inspiration!

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