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January 8, 2015

Life moves on, steadily. The beautiful, the broken, and everything in between becomes a part of the glorious tapestry God is weaving in each of us.

Although time seems to both fly and stand still, it really chugs along quite steadily. Hard times blow over like storms and the peace of morning dawns bright again. Those moments we cling to and savor come to an end, yet they give us lasting memories – a warm glimpse of times gone by.

Here I sit, in a rumpled up room, with piles of papers, work ahead, and nursing school starting again at 8 in the morning. Before getting up, though, I wanted to take a minute and share a few pictures from my break. God has been very gracious to me and I so grateful for the things He has blessed me with over the past few weeks:


Getting “capped” in recognition of completing the 1st semester of nursing school!

photo 1 (3)

 Celebrating with my sweet classmate after finals.


My mom and I went to St. Charles with and had a “girls weekend” with my aunt Kathy and cousin Anna. It was filled with laughs, movies, shopping, and cup-filling fellowship. So grateful for this amazing girl and for the memories we made! <3


We just said goodbye to our friends the Armours a few hours ago. My sweet friend, Hannah, is a constant source of joy and encouragement to me. One chilly morning we went out in the woods and did a photo shoot.


She also makes a lovely model. ;)





My life is blessed. I am glad to have pictures to look back on and to remember God’s many gifts. Well, it’s time to sign off now and get some things done. Until next time, my friends!

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    January 9, 2015

    lovely pictures, Brooke! You and Hannah both have a gift for photography. We’re going to miss your family.

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