Goodbye, Summer

September 8, 2011

It has been a great summer. Here’s some highlights from the past couple of months:

Getting my driver’s permit, and learning how to drive.

Selling bread at farmers’ market.

The fair.

Buying a camera and starting this blog.

Swim team.

Running inside and outside.

Reading through a very good accounting book, call The Accounting Game (I’m considering getting a degree in accounting after high school).

Our vacation up north.

Having lots of time to bake and experiment with different recipes!

Although summer doesn’t officially end until September 22, my summer break has come to an end. I’m pretty much full speed with school now, and the days are busier with homeschool co-op, choir, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace class, and training up for a half-marathon in November!

This past week, we’ve experienced a very welcome change in temperature. It’s in the upper 70’s! I can’t wait for fall- it’s so neat to see the leaves change color, and feel a certain cold freshness in air! It’s also the beginning of tea season! I love tea, and there’s nothing like a cup of hot tea on a cold (or cooler) day!

Here’s some funny pictures I recently took of our cat, Sylvia. She chose an odd place for a cat nap one day: on the top of our car.

Maybe it makes her feel superior to us people…

…or maybe she decided that the car is not ours anymore…

…and doesn’t want anyone coming too close to her new possession.

Funny cat!  :-)


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    September 9, 2011

    Brookie, that third picture of Sylvia cracks me up! Good job snapping that one.

    (Hannah – beat you!) *just kidding* :)

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      September 9, 2011

      Wesley, you are so funny. Your comment really made me laugh! :)


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    September 9, 2011

    Brooke, it is great to hear from you and what you’ve been doing. The pictures of Sylvia are soooo funny, I especially like the third one! Isn’t it fun having a camera!?!

    Love and miss you all.



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