Family Camp 2013

September 28, 2013

This is kind of like a journal entry….on my blog. A few hours ago we arrived home from a family camp with our church. The to-do list is long and my textbooks await, but before diving into those I want to take a few minutes to write about camp while it’s fresh on my mind. So from the comfort of a cushy seat with a hot drink in hand, here is an account of our first annual church family camp.

Let me begin by saying that I am so grateful for the hope we have in Christ. In Him alone do we have reason to live each day. In Him alone do we find our source of joy. I so frequently don’t take the time to ponder the mystery of the gospel, how I as a desperate sinner find favor in God’s sight through Jesus Christ! We will spend a lifetime and then eternity marveling in the goodness of God! That was such a good reminder from one of the sessions this morning.

Thursday was the first day of camp and a very busy day for me. After being at classes all morning and volleyball in the afternoon, I drove down to camp with a sweet young lady. It was fun to have some time to talk, and we arrived in time for the first evening session. We enjoyed fellowship, snacks, and a movie later that night. After the movie we popped into our bunks at our cabin, but giggles and jokes were rampant among our family that night, which made for a funny and memorable evening. (When you have the whole family in the same room in bunk beds, you’re bound to have fun.) Oh goodness, I love my family! :)

The next morning we got up and around, then went to help with breakfast. The family who was in charge of meals during camp did a wonderful job facilitating everything in the kitchen, and with many hands helping everything went smoothly. After the morning session, singing, and worship, there were edifying conversations, octa-ball, and sand volleyball. In the afternoon we played a game call the Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge. We had an entire soccer field to use and most everyone played, which made for an excellent game. Basically it involves pool noodles, Frisbees and other various objects, and LOTS of sprinting. Needless to say, it was hilariously fun. After playing for an hour in the hot sun, we limped off the field and cleaned up for dinner. If it hadn’t been for one young lady’s wise advice to stretch, I would have hardly been able to walk this morning. :D I wish I had some pictures from the game and other activities, but here are a few that Mom snapped at the end of camp during cleanup:

IMG_3068       IMG_3070

Mopping the floor! With great three helpers it didn’t us take long.

IMG_3072   IMG_3071

Part of the dish crew. They did an excellent job.

IMG_3076   IMG_3079

CK did a good job with all the electronics. // These two dear ladies joyfully served in the kitchen.

IMG_3084    IMG_3080

Sweet Savannah with her baby. // Simon trying the water faucet. ;)

Family camp encouraged me in many ways. It was neat to spend time with our church family, getting to know each other better. So there is a summary, my friends, and I must say goodbye for the present. Thanks for dropping by and blessings to each of you!

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    September 30, 2013

    Oh, wonderful, Brookie – I’m so glad you had a great, edifying time. Praise the Lord!

    While I was scrolling down I thought you were playing like….hockey…or something. I saw you with both hands on the stick and your legs spread apart and I thought that until I scrolled down more and saw the mop. But your shoes still looked interesting in the pic, kinda like skates. I seriously couldn’t tell and wondered if maybe you were skating while cleaning (who knows, some people probably do that!).

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