Enjoying the simple things

January 26, 2013

I was driving home from school with Wesley one evening last week. As we talked about our day, I watched as the pink sunset gently faded into the darkness of the night. The silhouette of trees and barns against the sky was a beautiful picture to behold. It gave me a recurring thought – one that I’ve wanted to blog about for a while:

Just that the best things in life are almost always free. Not fancy. Simple.

I want to more frequently “stop and smell the roses” along the path of life. As a dear friend told me a while ago, “there is always something to smile about”; always something to delight in. Not that there aren’t times to hurry and accomplish things quickly. But even in the midst of the busiest lifestyle we can still take a moment to look around and enjoy the simple delights of everyday life.

When I think of the simple things in my life that bring me joy, I think of…..

Waking up to birds singing

A bright, cheery smile

A long walk outside, being surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation

Snuggling up on a cold winter night with my family to watch a movie

A cup of steaming java

That wonderful, sweaty, tired feeling I get after a workout

Buzzing around the house on a cleaning spree

A slice of bread, fresh from the oven

The tiny fingers and toes of a newborn baby

The delicious breeze that comes from an open window on a lovely day

Smelling the fragrance of a flower

A sweet, juicy orange


Coming home at the end of a long day

The peace of stillness and quiet

Uplifting conversation

The gentle hum of our tea kettle

The cozy, woodsy smell of our log stove

Soft quilted pillows

A freshly baked chocolate-cherry scone

Gentle music in a quiet moment of the day


Observing a plant grow from week to week 

Pretty kitchen towels and curtains

Sitting around the dinner table with my family.

Now what are some simple things you delight in? I’d love to hear them! :) Let’s take a moment from time to time to look for and enjoy them.


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    January 27, 2013

    This got straight to my heart. Goodness. One the the Lord has been teaching me lately through the most recent trial is that pain must not take my joy. I am to give thanks in all circumstances. Today I thought about the blessings that have come through trials, and I am grateful for that. There is always something to be thankful for (it wouldn’t be a command if it wasn’t possible!) – we just need to take the time to look for it, like you said.

    Also, reading through your list made me realize that we have *quite * a lot in common. :) I enjoyed a few of those things just this very day! Thank You for those things, Lord!

    Thanks for filling my cup with this post! :)

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      Brooke Noble

      January 29, 2013

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, Ryann! Hmm…that’s really good about how pain shouldn’t take the joy. God’s grace abounds even in the hardest trials – HE is faithful!
      Yes, I do believe we have much in common. :) Very fun! Love you, girlie! :)

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    January 29, 2013

    Loved this post, Brooke! It’s amazing how I can rush around and not even appreciate the awe-striking things about us. Just walking from house to car and not noticing the nearby trees and the blue sky because I’m lost in my (often mundane) thoughts. I was just reading John Piper the other day, and he was talking about how we’d be willing to pay millions to get back the little things we take for granted, if they would ever disappear. It drastically changed how I viewed the things around me for the rest of the day, and it’s amazing how everything stands out, how much more you appreciate everything (and everyone) about you when you have that thought fresh in your mind, rather than in the back of your head. :)
    Hmm, to list a few things that really stood out to me today…
    1. A hot cup of perfectly brewed tea
    2. Sunlight
    3. The gentle breeze on my face, blowing through my hair
    4. Walking (you really notice THAT blessing right after you stub your toe! ;D)
    5. Animals
    6. The written word
    7. Music, music, music!
    8. Hands
    9. A blade of grass
    10. The sky, fluffy with clouds
    11. Pens :)
    12. Trees
    There are so, so many more, but I’ll stop there. Thank you for the reminder – I really enjoyed reading your list. :)

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      Brooke Noble

      January 29, 2013

      Hi Becca! Thank you for sharing that bit from Piper – wow – that’s really something to think about! I love your list! Those are all such delightful things – your funny comment on walking made me laugh. :) Love you!

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    Brendan Tull

    January 29, 2013

    Right on, Brooke! I love thinking about all those little things, and how the Lord has blessed us far more than we usually notice. You gave a pretty good list, and I love everything on there as well (although I don’t think I’ve had a chocolate-cherry scone), so I doubt I could add much.
    Although a few other small things I really love are:
    -Weather that’s so perfect you can’t even feel the temperature
    -The fresh, clean smell in the air after a storm
    -Quality one-on-one time with family or friends
    -Moments when my whole family is together
    and especially:
    -Those rare and precious moments in life when you can just sit back and completely relax, without a worry in the world.

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      Brooke Noble

      January 30, 2013

      Oh yes, those are really good ones, Brendan. I like the last one especially. :) Thanks for sharing!

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    February 15, 2013

    Brookie, have you ever heard of the book 1000 gifts? It is finding 1000 things in your life to be grateful for, and writing them down, much like your example. We did it as a family, and it was quite a blessing, you start seeing things differently like: a washing machine. Why would someone be so thankful for a washing machine? Because think of how much time all those women in 3rd world countries spend washing their clothes. And their water isn’t as clean as ours. Our washers do it in a hour or less. There are sooo many little things we don’t seem to notice until you (a) experience it, or (b) spend time to really think on it.

    Thanks for this post Brookie! Much enjoyed!

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      Brooke Noble

      February 16, 2013

      Hi Anna! Yes, I have heard of 1,000 gifts and that is such a wonderful thing to do. I started something like that a few years ago…but I didn’t quite get to 1,000 things. :) I think I’d like to do that someday. Yes! I don’t really appreciate having a washing machine until I think about what we’d have to do without it! :) Same with a lot of other things. Thank you for sharing!

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