And They’re Off!!!

August 3, 2012

You’ve probably noticed that in all of the pictures of me on my blog, I have braces. I’ve had them for 2 1/2 years. Well, yesterday I got my braces off!!! I never minded them very much, and I’m very grateful to have straight teeth now, but as you can imagine I was *pretty excited* to have a brace-free mouth! It was delightful to be able to bite into a sandwich without cleaning my braces for ten minutes or eat an apple without cutting it up! Yep, I’m pretty happy about that! :)                                                  So here’s what I look like now…

With Dr. Bauer, my orthodontist.

Until next time, have a lovely Friday, and thanks for stopping by!


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    August 3, 2012

    You. Look. GORGEOUS! I cannot wait to see you in person, dear friend. Your smile is so lovely and joyful and made me so happy. :) Love you!

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    August 3, 2012

    Congratulations, Brooke!!! It must be wonderful to have a brace-free mouth! (I remember when my sister got hers off – she was VERY happy :D) You have a great smile – with or without braces! Happy day! :)


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    August 4, 2012

    Beautiful! I remember the day I got mine off. Pretty sure you never forget. Have some corn on the cob. :)

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