About Me


Well hi! Here’s a bit about the girl behind the blog. In the picture above, I was on the most epic trip of my life in Ireland. I remember what I felt like when this picture was taken. June 2016 and 20 years old, I was standing in the most picturesque scene of my life – yes, prettier ever than the postcard pictures I’d seen of Ireland, my bare toes digging into the soft grass, the fresh breeze on my face and the kiss of sunlight on my cheeks. Inhaling deeply, I savored the sweetness of the air and the lush, green landscape around me, wishing I could bottle it up for another day. Instead, I LIVED in that moment as the seconds ticked by, eventually leaving only fond memories in its place….

…but then I could show you those snapshots of everyday life. You know, those moments that are not so picture-perfect: the ones of groggily hitting my alarm at 6 AM, of crumbs on the floor and dishes in the sink, of my hair whipping uncontrollably in the breeze from driving with the windows rolled all the way down, and of the tears from a vulnerable conversation with a close friend: moments full of messiness and imperfection. Yet those ordinary moments of ordinary days – living, laughing, crying, working, playing – they are a privilege to live. Every single moment, from the glorious and breathtaking to the ordinary, everyday ones, is a gift. And these fleeting gifts are worth treasuring, because my friends, life is precious. And I want to share a bit of that on this blog. 

I am who I am today through the never-ending, unfailing grace and mercy of God. Apart from Christ, I am a desperate sinner and would be lost. All to Jesus I owe for my salvation. In Him I have hope, lasting joy, courage, and peace. This life is not easy. Some days are full of uncertainty, disappointments, and things not going according to “my plan,” but if I have learned anything in my relatively short life, it is the blessedness of living under the sovereign hand of God! Living in Him is the greatest adventure I will ever know. One of my favorite verses is from Lamentations 3:22-23, hence the verse on my blog: “The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” What I love about this verse is the reminder that my salvation does not depend on me. In fact, it never did. It is all about the greatness of our God and His work on my behalf, as reflected in this verse! It’s because of HIS steadfast love, HIS mercies, and HIS great faithfulness that I can live freely, with hope, with passion, and with joy. I can wake up each morning and know that God is taking me, in all my brokenness, weaknesses, and failures, and still make something beautiful. He is writing my story, chapter by chapter, and my desire is to bring Him glory through my life.

The older I am, the more I realize how fleeting this life is. How it seems that just when I closed my eyes for a moment, I find myself in a new season of life. I have been blogging (sometimes very sporadically) for about 5 years, beginning when I was 15. Since then I’ve gone through some life changes, including graduating high school, getting my first job as a waitress, buying my first car, going to nursing school, seeing my family move and living with friends while finishing school, working at a birth center and finding a passion in obstetrics, recently becoming a registered nurse, and moving from Missouri to Minnesota to be closer to my family. I love looking back on previous posts and remembering days gone by. It gives me a greater sense of perspective on life. It helps me to appreciate this gift of life we’ve all been given. It emboldens me to live intentionally, pursue my giftings, and use the knowledge and desires I’ve been given to bring glory to my Savior.

To say that I am blessed would be an understatement. I am thankful for incredible parents and three godly men for brothers. I’m kinda nerdy when it comes to nursie stuffs and anything health-related. Other interests include piano, singing, fitness, outdoor sports/activities, rock climbing, swing dancing, cooking, and baking with a whole foods flair. This blog serves many purposes. Sometimes I’ll pop on to share a quick recipe or picture, while other times I spend a few hours writing about my thoughts recently or something that has encouraged me.

If you are reading this and don’t know me personally, I would love to hear YOUR story! Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself via the “Contacts” page, say hi, and share your blog if you have one. If you decide to join me on this journey and follow along as I write, it’s my hope and prayer that you are blessed by what you read and that it would cause you to praise our great God. He is the Author of my life and I am only a pen in His hand, so if there is anything good that you see here, to Him alone be the glory and praise. Soli deo gloria!