A Short Update to My Faithful Readers

July 11, 2016


If you are reading this, allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping up with my sporadic posting and for faithfully reading what I have to say.

Wow, sitting down and looking at the computer screen, I honestly don’t know where to begin. You may have noticed the recent update to my blog: a more “grown up” version for a more grown up me. :) Little did I know when I started this blog at 15 years old that it would continue to change with me. If you’ve followed this blog from the beginning, you’ve seen my posts morph from family ice cream celebrations and pictures of our pets to more of my thoughts and writings. For me, writing is a wonderful thing. I love to communicate my heart through words.

Also the categories of my bungalow have dropped to two simple things: homemaking (because I will always delight in sharing new recipes, life hacks, products I enjoy, hairstyles and beauty tips, etc.) and thoughts, which are vast and varied. I may post a few pictures with updates on “happenings,” but I have been using social media, particularly Facebook, to share life events. I also updated the “about me” section of my blog, if you want to mosey on over and check that out.

I will write more on this later, but right now I find myself in a huge season of transition. Yes, I finished the ASN program, moved to Minnesota to live near my family, passed the NCLEX (woowoo!!), had the privilege of traveling to Ireland, and had an interview just today for a job as an RN. I don’t know exactly how the next years, or even months or weeks, will unfold. I love my dad’s encouragement to write during this time of so much change. It has been difficult and very stretching, but also very blessed, which I’ll be writing about.

So, with all that said, and with the intention of keeping this post short, will you continue to join me on this journey? I hope that you enjoy it and again I want to thank you for following along. Until next time, dear friends! 

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