The Importance of Breakfast

January 22, 2016

Hey Y’all!

Today was a snow day! This morning my 5:30 alarm went off as usual and I rolled over to peer at my phone and behold! A text from school saying that all classes were canceled for the day!! I groggily turned off my alarms and sank into a blissful sleep for 3 more hours. Ahhh.

So. All that to say, with my extra time today, I decided to make a video! For our pediatric course this semester, we needed to come up with a teaching project on a topic of choice. As you probably know about me, I love studying nutrition and decided to make a short video on why breakfast is important. I’ve met far too many people who don’t eat breakfast (if you don’t, I promise not to hold it against you, but you may hear my opinion on the subject, haha). ;) Here is my write-up that I also turned in along with it. Hope you guys enjoy and here’s to a wonderful snow day!

I am passionate about nutrition. I believe that it affects our well-being significantly and has a huge impact on our overall health. I believe there is a shortage of good nutrition education, especially for kids, aside from teaching them to eat lots of fruits and veggies. Everybody knows that those are good for you. But with this project I wanted to dig deeper and address an issue that I have seen in multiple kids and adolescents: the issue of skipping breakfast. So many kids see this  as an easy way to not “get fat” or they just “don’t feel like eating in the morning” or they are “too busy.” Whatever these children may tell you, not eating breakfast is a problem and can turn into issues over time. As they grow older and become more independant, teenagers are are forming habits – whether good or bad – that they will carry with them into their adult years. Eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia are a sad reality, some of which I think could be prevented with good education. We should be educating teens, encouraging them to take control of their health, have a proper relationship with food, and help them to form healthy habits. I created this short video to provide education about the importance of breakfast and some healthy breakfast ideas. My target audience is primarily high-school aged kids, between the ages of 15-18. As a nurse, I have a great opportunity to teach my patients about nutrition. Nutrition education should start from a young age and we should be helping to instill habits that begin now but will last them a lifetime.  


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